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Brenda Ligia: prêmio de Melhor Atriz no festival Cine PE 2017 (Mostra Curtas PE). Estreias em 2017: “Onde Quer Que Você Esteja” (longa da Macondo Filmes/SP); “Causa Mortis” (curta da LRJ Filmes/PE), “Sob Pressão” (série da Rede Globo/ direção: Andrucha Waddington) e “África da Sorte” (série da TV Brasil/direção: Renata Pinheiro). Brenda está nos longas "Todas as Cores da Noite" (Pedro Severien), "As Melhores Coisas do Mundo" (Laís Bodanzky), "Sangue Azul" (Lírio Ferreira), "Bruna Surfistinha" (Marcus Baldini). Atuou nas séries de televisão "A Mulher do Prefeito" (Rede Globo), "Beleza S/A" (GNT), "9mm SP" (Fox), "Somos Um Só" (TV Cultura). Também é apresentadora e videomaker. Protagonizou comerciais e videoclipes musicais. Estudou no Teatro Escola Macunaíma/SP; atuou em comédias, musicais, infantis e dramas. Foi dirigida por Wagner Moura na leitura dramática do espetáculo “Tchau, Querida!”. É formada em Comunicação Social pela Faculdade Oswaldo Cruz/SP, cursou Ciências Sociais na University of the West Indies (Trinidad & Tobago, Caribe) e Francês em Vevey (Suíça). CONTATO:

3 de maio de 2012

Samsung Global Blogger

I'm taking part in Samsung Global Blogger international contest. Its prize is going to London for the Olympic Games (July/ August), with the great mission of getting the best stories from the athletes and sharing them with the world, through a blog channel and videos as well. When I heard about this opportunity, I couldn't think of anyone better than myself for doing this, I must admit... cause I'm someone who loves people and their stories of life. My family knows how emotional I can get, when it comes to hearing about others' experiences! It's fun.
Above, a pitcure of my brothers and I, in London, a long time ago... would be great to go back, then. What an amazing place, from what I remember! From the 11 countries I know, I'd say that England is my top favorite.  

Besides, there are other reasons why this job would suit me: I'm extrovert, funny, confident... maybe with a little help from the years of experience I've had with comedy in theather. Oh, yeah, forgot to mention I'm an actress! (and a TV presenter, as well). I've been a professional for over 10 years. By the way, as I've had my debut as an actress on TV ads for companies such as Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Mc Donald's (among other local ones), I guarantee that I have the right sense of great marketing campaigns like this. But this Samsung one is definitely THE BEST! (for life).

I've always loved foreign languages, and one of the few opportunities I had for working in English was when I was picked by MTV-UK (curiously, there comes United Kingdom again!) for shooting some kind of reality show in a Caribbean Island (Dominican Republic, about 5 years ago). This exchange was made through MTV- Brazil, for whom I had already worked (on MTV ads). What an unforgettable experience it was being part of the English TV program called Globally Dismissed! Meeting people from all over the world is definitely a great gift, which I appreciate entirely... maybe because I'm a citizen of the world!

I explain: I was born in Brazil, in a very small village called Ibiá, in the State of Minas Gerais (Southeast of the country). Then I moved to Itabuna, in Bahia, when I was a still a baby. From there, I moved to São Paulo (the sixth biggest city on Earth), where I lived for (almost) my entire life. Except for when I spent time studying French in Switzerland and then going to University in the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago. I've been living in Recife for 2 years now (Northeast of Brazil, Boa Viagem beach).

And then there is the thing about communication: my profession as an actress improves this skill, but as I used to be an English teacher for 7 years, and I'm graduated at University of Social Communication (Publicity and Advertising), I can assure that I communicate with efficiency! Especially when using audiovisual languages, as I love making videos and I edit them myself. My 3 youtube channels sum up to 469.500 views! And... well, not to mention, but... who isn't addicted to Facebook? I am!

So, here I am, taking part in this contest and being very confident about what the future holds. What a great honour it would be to share my own personal view on the Olympics, and entertain the entire world with its greatest stories, during the most important event in the best city on Earth! What will be, will be.

Brenda Ligia, SGB contestant - CLICK HERE to watch MY VIDEO for Samsung Global Blogger

This video I've made myself (shooting, interviewing, direction and edition) tells the story of an athlete who couldn't walk as a child (she was abandoned and lived on the streets) and then succeeded and is now a professional runner. She lives in the slums of São Paulo, Brazil, and helps children of the community. Click HERE to watch it... but it's not translated to English, as it's from some years ago (has 14.558 views).

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